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Welcome to the Pediatric Liver Tumor Virtual Consultation System. We hope this service will be of value to you in supporting your management of this group of rare and challenging patients.

This service offers you the opportunity to consult with our panel comprised of world class experts who represent all essential medical disciplines (oncology, surgery, radiology, & pathology) and who are affiliated with all of the major cooperative trials groups (SIOPEL, COG, & JPLT).

Due to reasons of privacy protection and patient security, you will be asked to provide us with your institutional affiliation, institutional e-mail address, position, and specialty which we will then verify prior to enabling you to register your first patient.

In order for this service to be of greatest value to you, we ask you to be as thorough as possible in completing the registration form and make every effort to upload radiology and pathology images. This will provide our panel of experts essential information which will permit a coordinated response and consensus opinion. Please bear in mind that the recommendations provided by our experts do not constitute a formal consultation as, in the absence of seeing and examining your patient, responsibility for care ultimately rests with you, the treating physician.

We wish to thank the European Network for Cancer Research in Children and Adolescents (ENCCA) for financial support and CINECA for technological expertise.

Arun A. Rangaswami, MD
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On behalf of SIOPEL
Allison O' Neill, MD
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